Stop (Insane) Outsourcing Part 1

So many articles on Outsourcing – the good, bad, ugly (and very ugly).  This one makes some valid points and companies should do it in-house if you can and if it makes sense.  Get outside help where short-term or transitional projects don’t justify full-time employees or where skills gaps are present in a given market.  Rightsourcing is Read more about Stop (Insane) Outsourcing Part 1[…]

Technology Talent Shortage in Georgia…About to Get Worse?

With several different (and large) companies opening or planning to open technology/innovation centers in or near Atlanta (NCR, ATT, Keysight, Honeywell to name a few), what does that mean for tech talent availability? Many of these companies cite being close to Georgia Tech and feeding off that ecosystem.  But many companies want to do the Read more about Technology Talent Shortage in Georgia…About to Get Worse?[…]