Technology Talent Shortage in Georgia…About to Get Worse?

With several different (and large) companies opening or planning to open technology/innovation centers in or near Atlanta (NCR, ATT, Keysight, Honeywell to name a few), what does that mean for tech talent availability?

Many of these companies cite being close to Georgia Tech and feeding off that ecosystem.  But many companies want to do the same.

So the question is:  Is there or will there be enough in the talent pipeline to fulfill those needs (and others) – much of which centers on software development?

We’ve talked to technology companies who claim that it’s very difficult to find and onboard qualified  technology talent – particularly software development, System and Data Base Engineers and Cloud Engineers.

Let’s check some of the numbers:

Those who plan to open technology innovation and development centers in Atlanta within the next 1-2 years (as of Aug 2016):*
NCR  Corp:  3,600 jobs
GE IT Hub:  400 jobs
KeySight Technologies:  250 jobs
Anthem IT Hub:  1,800 jobs
Riskalyze:  100 jobs

Those who already have opened technology innovation or development centers in Atlanta (as of Aug 2016):*
Panasonic Innovation Center — Opened 2012
AT&T Foundry — Opened 2013
ThyssenKrupp Research and Innovation Center — 2013
The Home Depot — Opened 2014
Coca Cola European Partners (formerly Coca-Cola Enterprises) — Opened 2015
Southern Company Energy Innovation Center — Opened in 2015
Emerson Innovation Center — (in place 2016, no grand opening yet)
Delta Air Lines Innovation Center — Announced in 2015

Add to those numbers the general demand for Georgia’s high-growth technology market where in Tech Square alone there are over 150 startups installed.

*Source:  Atlanta Business Chronicle – “How Tech Square is Conquering Midtown” August 5, 2016

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