IT Employee Turnover – The Reality

Is it Burnout?  Salary?  Working Conditions?  The “Boss”?

According to the results of the 2015 Linkedin Global Talent Trends survey of over 20 000 full time workers in 29 countries.

Over 75% of employees are open to changing jobs


There can be several reasons.  Any on or combination of things mentioned above.

A hot market for skills that are short in supply and high in demand – especially in technology, can be a big issue as some of our clients are witnessing.   When I ask Tech Recruiters …”what are the skills most sought after in the market” …the general response is “programmers” … mostly Java and .Net although Mobile is up there.  And the thing is that – at least in this market – many of these people have multiple job offers even after they land a new job.  The truth is, in a highly competitive tech talent market there are ways to balance your teams and get projects done faster.

Here’s the point.  People will leave – it will happen.  But if you use a mixed team approach (Team Integration) to help balance your staffing equation

We (naturally) propose team integration – our nearshore teams, based in Argentina working on the same or similar time zones, integrated into your teams.

More info:  https://tangonetsolutions.com2017/04/04/what-is-staff-integration/

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