The Market Penalty for NOT Having Enough Qualified Tech People (and What to do About it)

It’s a familiar problem …It’s hard to find quality, highly skilled tech talent
What does it take to hire new tech talent?  Some claim (complain) that the process is long, costly and disruptive.  Candidates fall off the map because they are counter-offered or get a higher bid from another company.  Others, like some of our clients, claim they simply can’t find the right value combination of candidate/quality/price.  Like candidates fresh out of College that ask for 6-figure salaries is one thing.  That and not having enough of even some basic skills is another.

The Other Side of the Equation

With companies having unfilled job postings running in months the question is…What is the Market Penalty you are paying for not having those resources?

What happens if you can’t get the programming (or other) talent when you need them or lose a team members needed to complete a product build or upgrade?  What are the costs related to delays, time to market lag or client or internal projects that have important top-line and/or bottom-line impacts?  You can plug in some cost numbers – say 30, 40, 50% of compensation to calculate employee turnover, replacement, recruiting costs but what about the cost of “production” or “opportunity loss (or delay)?  If you had the staff that could produce what you need, when you need it (developing new or improving existing products, delivering internal or external client projects) what’s that impact?  Or NOT having those resources… what’s the impact?  Revenue delay due to arriving late to market,  market share loss?  client (dis)satisfaction?  Delayed, cancelled or aborted projects?   Those costs may have far greater implications than the recruiting “cost” side.

What to do?  Integrating external teams who can fill those roles quickly and efficiently.

Not outsourcing, but team sourcing and team integration.  That’s an option available today with talented people, who work in real-time with your teams, to help fill gaps.

That’s where Argentina comes in.  Available real-time?  Check (time-zone aligned), a Cultural fit?  Check.  A cost-effective model (no recruiting cost, fast ramp-up)…Check.  Creative, Open-Minded and Motivated to work on US projects with US teams…Check


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