What is (Nearshore) Team Integration?

Team Integration – some would recognize it as Staff Augmentation.  But it’s more than that – it’s a simple and effective way “integrate” remote teams into local teams seamlessly.  You can do that with teams whose work days are in alignment and it works very well for the following situations:

1) You have one-off, transitional or non-core projects that don’t justify hiring full-time staff
2) Hiring lead times, costs and/or the disruption created by the hiring process is a burden
3) There is a shortage of qualified people to draw from for your particular needs
4) You need REAL-TIME remote team availability to work collaboratively, to get projects done faster
5) You need a cost-effective solution for any combination of the above

Our Argentina-based teams work just that way … time-zone aligned (from 1/2 day on the west coast to full day in the east).

Software development and most technology projects in general are a social activity, and to be effective it requires Real-Time communication and availability.  That helps to build products faster, get to market faster and to stay ahead of the competition – in a cost-effective way.  That and using tools such as Slack, Jira and others  our teams and yours become integrated – the next best thing to being in the same physical space.

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