Residents “Flee” The Bay Area? What Does That Mean for the Tech Sector?

Interesting choice of words by the Author of the article – makes it sound like the plague has struck the Bay Area.

In all seriousness, it seems like they do have a problem.  A good friend of mine here in Atlanta was offered a job by a SF-based company and was originally told he would have to relocate.  When he discovered that he would be paying double for a studio apartment than he currently does for the mortgage on his Metro Atlanta house he declined the offer.

The SF-based company then countered by saying what if he worked remotely from Atlanta?
Result:  Done deal

So what will become of the Bay Area Tech Sector?  How will employers deal with finding, retaining and paying a “Bay Area Premium” to tech sector employees?  Will the Bay Area become a remote workers haven as tech sector talent “flees” to lower cost regions?

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