Who is?  Many of our clients were…  Why?  For various reasons….they don’t believe we have the technical skills, know-how or abilities to help them get their projects done.  They don’t consider Argentina top of mind when it comes to technology talent.  They have been burned or at least disappointed in the past with offshore tech services (a common one).

We’ve encountered the skepticism barrier several times – and even after the contract is signed, you can still “feel” it – that is until we start delivering and then something changes.  The skepticism is transformed into something else…

Here are a few examples….”Several times we tried using an offshore team – and it always failed.  We are really surprised at your team’s knowledge, problem-solving skills and level of productivity” (Application Development Manager, Health Benefits Company)

“As you know, I was originally not in favor of bringing your team on for our projects.  But the truth is they have done an excellent job and have integrated very well into our team, making it easy to work together” (VP of Engineering, Global Sports and Entertainment Software Company)

There are those that are not so skeptical ….

“We love your people – I need 10 more” (CEO – Information Technology and Services Company)

Maybe you’re skeptical also?  If so, we welcome the opportunity to transform skepticism into trust.

If there a project that just needs to get done?  Maybe it only needs 1 or 2 people?  For us no project is too small.

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