Residents “Flee” The Bay Area? What Does That Mean for the Tech Sector?

Interesting choice of words by the Author of the article – makes it sound like the plague has struck the Bay Area. In all seriousness, it seems like they do have a problem.  A good friend of mine here in Atlanta was offered a job by a SF-based company and was originally told he would Read more about Residents “Flee” The Bay Area? What Does That Mean for the Tech Sector?[…]

What is (Nearshore) Team Integration?

Team Integration – some would recognize it as Staff Augmentation.  But it’s more than that – it’s a simple and effective way “integrate” remote teams into local teams seamlessly.  You can do that with teams whose work days are in alignment and it works very well for the following situations: 1) You have one-off, transitional or non-core projects that don’t justify hiring Read more about What is (Nearshore) Team Integration?[…]

Technical Staffing Strategy – Diversify

What Can be Done to Retain Top Technology Talent Use the rule of investing ….diversify. The article points out how to treat and retain the top talent but it’s not only a question of retaining those people but also developing technology talent from within.  And using other methods like leveraging mixed (internal/external) teams to help keep a Read more about Technical Staffing Strategy – Diversify[…]

An Idea for Retaining Tech Professionals (Not for Everyone)

The CEO of a Technology company in Georgia once told me that his company has had a long-term project with one of the largest Tech Companies in the world.  The project requires technology talent that is not easy to find or retain and he’s managed to retain the same staff for many years.  The conversation came about Read more about An Idea for Retaining Tech Professionals (Not for Everyone)[…]