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Technology Team Building - Staffing - Team Integration

Application Development

We help make your great teams better – with highly experienced, professionals who can hit the ground running by building Full-Stack or stack components (Back-End, Front-End, Mobile, Web) in Python/Django, Javascript (NodeJS, Angular, JQuery), .Net and CoBOL.

Analytics and Big Data

Sophisticated analytics for both Sales and Marketing and Back end (Finance, Business and Operational Performance). Our team has in-depth knowledge of different industry KPIs to help build high-impact Analytics solutions an both SQL and Non-SQL platforms.

Cloud Services

Our teams can design, architect and build out cloud services on Amazon, Google and Azure. We also have extensive knowledge of virtualization technologies in proprietary and open architectures to help build scalable, cost-effective Infrastructure services.

We Help Build Software Products, Cloud and Analytics Solutions

We help make your great teams better - by integrating experienced professionals, culturally and technologically adept that can make an impact - Fast

How and Who We Help

Technology Resources to Solve Business Problems - Fast
High Caliber Technology Resources - Real-Time, Near-Shore Based

Consider This:   What is the cost of NOT having qualified technology resources to meet strategic objectives, build new, game-changing products, infrastructure or analytics solutions?   Over time, what could be the cumulative effect on your business?   What if you could eliminate this time lag, control risks, and begin ramping up your team (or finish building it) today?

Since 1992 we've helped build and integrate technology teams from Argentina to deliver solutions globally, helping companies grow to the next level and beyond.   If you need teams of 1-5 in software development/testing, analytics, cloud and infrastructure services - to integrate into your existing teams or run stand-alone - we can help.

  • IT and Software Product
  • Telecoms and WIreless
  • IT Service and Infrastructure Management
  • Start-ups

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